Audit: yearly, interim, at transformation, merger, or de-merger

To avoid conflict of interest, statutory audit is carried out by an independent auditor. Their work is based on a separate agreement, however we liaise closely with them during the audit process.

We recommend: Partner Audit Könyvvizsgáló Kft.
Company registration number: 13-09-072092
Registration code at the Chamber of Hungarian Auditors: 000987
Head office: HU 2014 Csobánka, Cinke utca 10.
Manager: Tarjáni Béláné
E-mail :

Company formation, modification, debt collection

If you are just starting your business, intending to sell or purchase shares in it, or making other amendments, or if you cannot collect your outstanding receivables, our lawyer partners are also available:

Dr. Ecseki Csilla attorney at law
Address: 1033. Budapest, Szentendrei út 89-93.
Telephone, mobil: 700-4338, 20 582 0265
Email :

Dr. Dömötör László law office
Address: 1137 Budapest, Pozsonyi út 32. II/2..
Telephone, fax: : 339-3935, 239-0787
Email :

KOSDI law office
Address: 1055. Budapest, Stollár Béla utca 16.fsz. 4.
Telephone, fax, mobil: : 786-4055, 20 952-1758
Email :